Brennigan’s Hole, a place to hide out
"No matter what anyone tells
you, the best Irish pub in
the city is Brennigan's Hole"
-- anonymous
Brennigan's Hole
4619 Colfax Avenue
Valley Village, CA 91601

shamrock boarder



"Ladie's Night!" Bartender Ken brings his Breathalyzer, and Ladies drink for free after they register 0.04 blood alcohol content (halfway to the legal limit).


"Chocolate Coin Night." Buy chocolate coins with real money, then spend chocolate coins on any drink you want.


"Bible Study." Say a quote from the Bible and get a free shot with your beer.

The Wonder Glen Special:

In the olden times, the “pub” was the center of neighborhood life. In that spirit, Brennigan’s offers 5% discounts for all employees of this treasured local institution.

shamrock boarder