Brennigan’s Hole, a place to hide out
"No matter what anyone tells
you, the best Irish pub in
the city is Brennigan's Hole"
-- anonymous
Brennigan's Hole
4619 Colfax Avenue
Valley Village, CA 91601

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The Legend of Brennigan

Irish lore has it that when the Cambro-Norman invaders entered Ireland in the 12th century, a Celtic warrior named Naechlin Ta Brennigan escaped persecution by hiding in a hole no larger than a bear's den.

In the 1960s, the hole was rediscovered by a government worker on a picnic. It had become filled up with garbage and leaves.

the hole

Brennigan's Hole, County Sligo, Ireland

In 2005 the county council of Sligo campaigned to have it restored to its original state, and a team of Turkish hauling experts removed the trash. Today the hole where Brennigan became a hero is known as "Brennigan's Hole."


Brennigan fends off the Cambro-Norman King Strongbow, in a modern-day retelling.

According to local tradition, pre-adolescent boys who spend a night in the Hole will soon grow a beard.

Tourists can also have their photos taken at the Hole, and each June, during the Brennigan's Hole Festival, the burrow is filled with papier-mache skulls containing chocolate-coated pennies.

brennigan's hole day

At the first Brennigan's Hole Day celebration in County Sligo, 1961. Visible at center is Sally McDonagh, the original Miss Brennigan's Hole.

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