Brennigan’s Hole, a place to hide out
"No matter what anyone tells
you, the best Irish pub in
the city is Brennigan's Hole"
-- anonymous
Brennigan's Hole
4619 Colfax Avenue
Valley Village, CA 91601

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The Brennigan Bullseye: A Cyper-Trophy

The ancient game of darts was invented in Ireland in 223 A.D. and was originally known as "dartes-throwing." Competitors would hurl miniature arrows at chalk circles drawn on the bottom of a wine barrel. The smallest circle, in the middle, was an ancient form of what today we would call the "bullseye," but in times of yore it would have been colored in with whale-dick pigment or sheep's blood.

The game has come a long way since then, and it's now known simply as "darts." We're proud at Brennigan's to carry on the tradition. This page is our "Cyper Trophy," an honorary plaque for the current darts championship of the bar.


In Memoriam of a Champion

Barry Ainnileas Magrew

For many a year, Barry wore the crown among the Brenniganís Hole Dart players, his dart flying swift and true.

photo of Barry, looking a little wasted

On Thursday, November 20th, Barry was hit by the most dangerous dart of all: a police horse.


Let's raise a glass to Barry Magrew: we will miss ye, friend.


shamrock boarder